Thomas Cook Delay




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flight-delays-309496.jpgYou book a holiday with Pegase, part of the Thomas Cook group.

Today, February 21, it's your last day and Thomas Cook will fly you back home.

Thomas Cook knows that your flight will have a delay of at least 5 hours, but they don't say anything, they just bring you to the airport to check in, and than a long day of waiting begins.



8 hours

we-have-lots-of-data-but-no-information.pngThe delay will be more than 8 hours? Going to the Thomas Cook office, to ask about my rights. I heard they have to tell me and the reason for the delay.

Nice lady: Your rights? We don't know, We have no info, so we also don't give. Vouchers for meals? Why? You received already a 6 euro voucher, that's almost 1 euro for every hour.

So info? Vouchers? Reason for the delay? Telephone call home? Stoer haha, we will tell you nothing, bye bye........ next.....



chaos3.jpgMore than 8hr delay. Ok Thomas send a taxi, we go back to the hotel.
Why not?
You can't leave anymore after checking in!
Why? Is this a prison?
NO!, but you can't and we don't pay for a taxi!.
If it's not a prison, we leave!
NO! you can't!
So, it's like a prison?
NO!, maybe you are not back in time!.
Well send us a sms when you are sure about the departure time.
NO!, we do nothing!
Ok, but we do, we are leaving, see you later.
NO!, because we will not be here anymore.
Why not? You don't care anymore about the passengers?
YES INDEED!!! Tong uitsteken



The plane is leaving.

dia.jpgHello everyone, boarding!

Wow, are we leaving? How did you do that Thomas? Is the plane repaired?

No, we could not repair it, but we rent a 4th hand plane and it will fly you home.

It belonged to Tombo in the US, then to Air Europe in Spain, then to Norwegian and now it's in Slovakia and belongs to Air Explode.

Air Explode?

Sorry, Air Explore - just my joke. They use it to fly football hooligans and now it's your turn HaHa. Lachen

Is it safe?

I think so, but don't go to the toilet, it will suck you out!


I am your purser on this flight.

BELLE.jpgHello. My name is Attila, I am your purser on this flight.

Everybody shut up. Take a seat now, we are late already.

Hey you, take your kid and go to the back, I don't want screaming children in the front.

But I paid extra to have a seat in the front.

Not to me....! so go to the back.

No I don't go, I stay here.

Well we will see!




mufchick.jpgThe flight will take much longer than normal. We have a lot of headwind and probably also turbulence.

We will serve, only if you pay for it, chicken and rice. It's very good for dogs after vomiting, so we think also for you after the turbulence.

Ok, here we go, good luck everybody.